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Our Story

We are located in North Fort Worth, Texas. Before I got into dog sports and Beaucerons I had a small 5 acre ranch west of Fort Worth. I use to ride and compete in variety of sports with my 3 horses. Unfortunately due to some life changes I had to sell my horses and down size moving into an apartment. I've always had a love for travel and have never hesitated to take a cross country trip just to see the sites along the way which is where my kennel name has originated from. I'm thankful to have met my now husband, Connor as he has helped and encouraged me to meet my goals. We now own a small piece of acreage where I offer boarding & training.
I didn't really know much about the dog sport world or well bred dogs until I met my good friend Crystal. I met her and her dogs at a show. They gave me the run down and soon it wasn't long before I had my first Beauce Luna. Together we learned the ropes of the breed ring as well as the rally ring.
Soon I was hooked but I wanted to succeed and reach bigger heights. I had become good friends with my Mentor, Jill Rose at Armored Rose Beaucerons. I was discussing foreign kennels with her in the hopes that I could find some new bloodlines the USA needed that were correct in temperament, structure and health without deviating from type. She presented me with a co-own opportunity with Atlas and I gladly accepted. Since then she has been an awesome mentor who always gives me her honest opinion and helps me succeed. 

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What are my goals with my dogs?

My main goal with all my dogs is to find a sport they love and give them a chance to thrive in the sport. 
Every year I set new goals for each dog of something to work towards and achieve. You can see the current goals we are working towards on each dogs page.

What sports do we compete in?

We compete in a variety of sports until we find the best fit for each dog. Sometimes we focus more heavily on certain ones to obtain our goals in said sport. 
The sports we currently compete in are:

  • Conformation

  • Rally

  • Agility

  • Dock Diving

We are looking forward to trying our hand at:

  • Obedience 

  • PSA

How long have I been involved in the breed?

I started researching the breed in 2016 and brought home my first (Luna) in April 2017. I joined the American Beauceron Club and have been active in the club ever since. I started my journey of being a breeder in 2020. We had our first litter in Feb 2022 co-bred with Vaillant Feu. Our second litter followed in June 2022.

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