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What to expect

  • HEALTH TESTING: The parents of all puppies will have a minimum of cardiac echocardiograms, eyes, hips & elbows tested, making them CHIC certified. All results will be submitted and available for public view on OFA.  If a puppy is purchased as a show/breeding prospect all appropriate health testing MUST be completed, prior to breeding; as well as agreed upon titles that will be discussed in the contract. All puppies will have age appropriate shots and be checked by a veterinarian before leaving as well. 

  • LIMITED VS. FULL AKC REGISTRATION:  The difference between the two types of registration is that full registration can include show/breeding rights, while limited is pet/performance only and has a spay/neuter contract. Full AKC registration can be discussed if any show potential quality puppies are available. The purpose of breeding is to better the breed and only a few from each litter may meet that standard. Puppies that don't, make perfect pets and performance dogs! No puppy will be sold without AKC paperwork. It doesn't "make them cheaper" the same amount of time, research and care went into each puppy. 

  • CONTRACTS: I will have contracts for full and limited AKC registration that need to be read and signed before the puppies leave my home. Both contracts will state that if for any reason the puppy can no longer be cared for by the puppy buyer, they will be returned to me. Limited AKC registration has a strict spay/neuter contract. Full registration has a strict contract and will only be considered for people willing to do all of the required health testing and titling. Puppies under full AKC registration will only be sold with co-ownership, unless otherwise stated. ​

  • PUPPY CHOICE ORDER: I breed for myself first and I will almost always keep the puppy that fits what I'm hoping to produce. If I use a stud dog outside of my kennel, they may have second choice in replacement of the stud fee, if this is discussed. If someone is interested in a show quality puppy, they will have priority choice if any quality puppies are available beside my own. Other than that exception, placements will be decided by which puppy best suits the buyer's goals. (Show/Sport/Performance homes have a higher priority) Decisions will not be made until between 6 and 8 weeks of age, when the puppies can have their structures and temperaments evaluated. Full amount is required at pick-up or delivery.   

  • ​SOCIALIZATION: All puppies will be well socialized around other people, dogs, cats (if possible) and livestock. They will be taken to different places once they have their vaccines to experience other environments. They will be exposed to different objects, surfaces, smells and sounds to make them confident young puppies. I will try to expose them leash training. Socialization must continue after going to their new homes to insure a well socialized dog. I highly recommend puppy kindergarten or other like beginner obedience classes. Not only is it a great way to socialize but it gets them started in basic training as well and begins that bond between dog and owner. 

  • PUPPY PACKS: Puppies will go to their new homes with a sample bag of the type of food that they were being fed, toys, treats, all appropriate paperwork (vet records, AKC registration, copies of contracts, etc.) ​​

Before You Buy: About


The Answers You Need

Are the dogs on premises?

All of my dogs live in house with us, sleeping in bed with us every night if they can be trusted to be out.
We do make use of kennels setup when we are out for the day to keep the dogs from getting into anything. When we are home they spend most of their time sprawled out on the couch.

What titles are important?

For me I want to see titles on both sides of the dogs name.

  • A Championship with AKC/UKC/IABCA.

  • A form of temperament test CGC/CGCA/CGCU/SPOT-ON/TT. 

  • A performance venue 

But that isn't an end all be all. 

Why did you import?

My first Beauceron is from a well known breeder in Missouri. After doing a lot of research and talking with people in the breed I decided I wanted to have dogs who would help the breed grow. I reached out to Jill to discuss potential kennels to watch to import from in the future. Jill offered a co own opportunity and I jumped on it. I have continued to build relationships with breeders in Europe to help add different lines to my kennel.

Cropped or natural?

Half of my dogs are natural eared. I love a good crop but there is nothing wrong with a natural eared Beauce. I will always allow potential buyers to make that decision.

Do you sell protection sport or service dog prospects?

Yes and no to both. I wouldn't sell a puppy as a protection sport or a service dog prospect without knowing the person. Potential puppy buyers who want a protection sport puppy need to show that they are serious by working with a club before they bring home a puppy. It's important that they know how the decoy will interact as a bad decoy can ruin a dog.

Transport options ?

I personally offer flight nanny & ground transport services and can also recommend other options if coming to Fort Worth isn't an option.

Before You Buy: FAQ


It’s my job to make sure that our puppies are going to the best homes possible. To make this process easy please click the link below to be taken to our google form. We ask for a non-refundable application fee of $250. This non-refundable application fee secures your place for a puppy and let’s me know you are serious about your future family member. It is applied to the purchase price of the puppy. 

If you are interested in just chatting or joining our waitlist, we encourage you to still use the button below and start the conversation process today!

**Application fee isn't due until you are sure we are the breeder for you.**

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