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  • We are excited to be attending: ​​

    • Louisville, KY March 17-18

    • Fort Worth, TX March 25-16 

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We hope to produce dogs that have type, confident

temperament & soundness.

It is important to us for our dogs to be well rounded

and thrive in a variety of sports.

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The first specific mention of a Beauceron was written in a manuscript in 1578. The Beauceron is also known as the Berger de Beauce and Bas-Rouge. Their name comes from the French region called Beauce. They Were used in by the French Army during both wars in Europe to carry messages, pick up trails, detect mines, and support commando activity.


No breed is without it’s health problems. We follow the American Beauceron Club Code of Ethics which lists the health tests the breed should be tested for before breeding.
​~Echocardiogram to check for any issues with the heart.
~Hip & Elbow x-rays ​to check for dysplasia and receive a rating from OFA. 
~Eyes are checked yearly by a certified eye specialist.


Beaucerons are double coated and shed just as much as any other breed.
​A good brushing once a week when nails are being trimmed helps cut back on the dust bunnies around the house. A good brush and a force air dryer can go a long way.
Feeding a well balanced diet can also help the coats stay shiny and looking their best.

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